Assets Of Community Value

If you’re buying a licensed premise with a view to either changing its permitted use or develop you will need to determine whether or not the property provides a social interest to the local community and or increases the wellbeing of the residents living there.

A community group (such as a society, parish council, neighbourhood forum, not for profit organisation or a group of at least 21 individuals) that is locally connected to the area can nominate an asset to the local authority.

Listed Assets of Community Value stay on your local authority’s list for up to five years.

Redacre’s bespoke Community Use Report provides a detailed appraisal of the connection a business has with the community, additionally we look at the service it provides and nature in which it provides it and assess the genuine impact on the community if the facility were removed.

Our in-depth analysis of local competition and services in the area provide a genuine rational as to whether the business is a “true” asset to the community.

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See excerpts from one of our community use reports below.